Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black Bow

Hi! I'm back to show you my black bow heels!! I love them!! Yes I know..I love all my shoes..but that's the true!!
I bought them last summer in New Jersey a beautiful mall, but I didn't remember the name..In Italy we don't have such beautiful and big mall..that's a very pity..
I could spend all my day in mall like have eberything you want: clothes shops, beauty shop, a lot of shoes to try and buy,'s amazing!!!
I also love the shopping village!! In Italy we have some outlets like that, but they are not very closed to Milan, so you have to program the trip with some company..and, by the way, there are too many people all the time..and I don't enjoy shopping like that!

Changing subjects...less than a week and I'll fly to London!! I'm so happy!! I love the city and I want to to a lot of shopping!!

In this period I am under pressure for the examination at my college and besides I am applying to some English and American colleges for a MA and I am very,very, very worried for that!! Cross your finger for me!! I hope to write from somewhere else on August!!! ..So..I want to shopping!!! Only shopping can relax me!!!

I hope you enjoy my posts..

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