Monday, January 18, 2010

My today out

Today I want to post what I wore during my day at the university..
It is something different from my usual posts, but I want to try also this way!
I didn,t take pics of myself because I don't like me..I have to admit that I suffer of some kind of eating disorder, so I am in a sort of war with my body..btw I like fashion, it's my biggest love I can say..and so I want to show you I see it through my eyes..
I hope you enjoy..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fav Shoes

Today I want to show you my favourite shoes!
Unfortunately I don't own one of those, but I hope to buy a couple of them very soon!!!

First af all my heart is for Christian Louboutin shoes! I think he is a genius and his creation are so magical! That shoes are able to make a woman feeling special!!

On youtube there is a short movie made for the opening of a new store in LA, I love it! Take a look:

Psycho-logic by Christian Louboutin

And here some of my favourite:

Miu Miu Latex Heels

Louboutin Lace Botton Bootie

Louboutin Black Pump

Chanel Ankle Boots

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Flats

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Ankle Boots with Cameo

Balmain Black and Studded Sandal

These are few of my favourite shoes..I have hundreds, millions of shoes that I love and that I will show you soon!
Hope you enjoy them!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Michael Kors Sandals

Hi everybody! In these day I'm a little bit's for the cold of Milan! uff!!
So..for make me and you happy I have a new post with my lovely Michael Kors sandals!! Are they not beautiful??
And, I have to say, that they are also confortable! They are not very high..I think they are about 10cm or less..
In this period I am also under pressure..I have 4 examinations in 5 days and one of them is about the project for my degree in it's very important and I am very very scared!!!
I want to do a lot shopping, but right now I don't have a lot of time and I am also closed home for my cold..For the week end I come back to my parents home on Como's lake..the place is beautiful, but I have to say that the lake on winter an with bad weather is a little bit depressing..
By the way I am already on London mood!! I promise to post all my future purchases!!

Have a nice weekend!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black Bow

Hi! I'm back to show you my black bow heels!! I love them!! Yes I know..I love all my shoes..but that's the true!!
I bought them last summer in New Jersey a beautiful mall, but I didn't remember the name..In Italy we don't have such beautiful and big mall..that's a very pity..
I could spend all my day in mall like have eberything you want: clothes shops, beauty shop, a lot of shoes to try and buy,'s amazing!!!
I also love the shopping village!! In Italy we have some outlets like that, but they are not very closed to Milan, so you have to program the trip with some company..and, by the way, there are too many people all the time..and I don't enjoy shopping like that!

Changing subjects...less than a week and I'll fly to London!! I'm so happy!! I love the city and I want to to a lot of shopping!!

In this period I am under pressure for the examination at my college and besides I am applying to some English and American colleges for a MA and I am very,very, very worried for that!! Cross your finger for me!! I hope to write from somewhere else on August!!! ..So..I want to shopping!!! Only shopping can relax me!!!

I hope you enjoy my posts..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I miss summer!!
In Milan today is totally freezing!!But the tv news said that also in Florida the temperature is going down: that's quite comforting!
Today I post my Guess by Marciano heels. I love them because they are silver and make me a very party girl!!!
And guess what?? I bought them in NY last summer!!
Next week I'm going to London, so I can buy more thing!!! I am so happy!! Topshop will be the first place of my shopping tour!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Summer Breeze

Today I went to a little village on the Alps with my parents! We went for eating a very traditional dish: Polenta!
It's very good, but it's quite heavy..I think I'm gonna not eating for a week!! ;-)
By the way in the middle of tha Alps there was a lot of snow and I litterally froze!! So my mind went directly to my summer and the hot days...I like summer, it's my favourite season! But I have to say that I love spring too, because spring has the perfect weather: not too cold and not too's perfect!!
By the way, thinking about summer, I resumed a couple of pics of my beige platform by Miu Miu that I bought two years ago..the pics are again taken in my New Jersey house last summer..I miss NJ so much..

Polo Ralph Lauren

Good morning!
These are pics of my green Polo Ralph Lauren that I bought in NY last year. I took the picture on the stairs of my house's front door in New Jersey on August. I love that house and I missed NJ so much!! I hope to come back to USA as soon as possible!!
The colour of the shoes is quite unusual and sometimes is difficult to match, but I like how they cheer me up!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Again and again...sneakers

Talking again about sneakers, Superga are one of my favourite! I buy them only in white and I change them a lot of time a/year because I put them on so often!!
These are pics that I took on september with my BFF, when I came back from New York to Italy. We are used to spend crazy day around our place: going to the park, taking little trip to some city around North Italy like Como, Milan, Verona, ... We enjoy so much!!
And talking about buying..I have to go! Today is a shopping day!! I'll post soon my new purchases!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Love Prada

And what about sneakers?
I just fell in love again with my Prada! I bought my first pair in April 2005 with my boyfriend and I used them up a lot for a couple of years. Last winter I bought a new pair, a little bit different this time, they are patent-leather! I did not use them a lot, but yesterday I decided to put them on again..and I like them!! I'm thinking about buying a new pair tomorrow..maybe another colour!!
What do you think??